SEIA Codes & Standards Symposium


Advancing Solar Codes & Standards

Solar codes and standards are part of a dynamic electrical, mechanical, structural and safety-oriented architecture that advances how solar and accompanying energy storage systems are installed. One of SEIA’s key missions is to support and represent its members and industry in many of the relevant forums such as the ICC, ASCE, NEC, UL, and NIST nationally as well as with building and energy commissions in key solar state markets.

Make your visit to California Solar Expo even more productive by attending SEIA’s Annual Codes & Standards Symposium. This is your opportunity to keep current on the on-going development and completion cycles of the relevant requirements and to help shape the future of solar regulations to keep solar a viable and thriving market.

SEIA's Codes & Standards Symposium is specifically designed by and for solar codes & standards professionals and their colleagues in research, design, engineering, regulatory affairs and marketing. This symposium will cover the most up-to-date, impactful issues that have the potential to drive further expansion of solar as well as those issues that have the potential to constrain solar growth and how to best address those challenges.

*Codes & Standards Symposium registration includes a free expo pass, access to the show floor and technical training theaters.

** Early bird registrants will receive a complimentary PDF download copy of the ICC 2015 ISEPTM International Solar Energy Provisions™ with Commentary - a $64.75 value! 


Key Topics Include:

  • Harmonization of International and US Solar Standards and Implications for the U.S. Market
  • Developments in PV System Fire Testing and Certification
  • Industry Proposals to Revise the Solar Mounting and Racking Standard (UL 2703)
  • Unlocking Solar Markets: Permitting and AHJ Engagement
  • Solar Structural Codes Innovations: all the acronyms – ASCE, NCSEA, SEAOC
  • Solar Fire, Energy and Building Codes Development including California’s 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards
  • Solar Electrical Code Development and the NEC 2020 edition process
  • Quality Assurance Best Practices - how do we measure PV reliability, durability and quality
  • Residential Operations & Maintenance practices and why should Codes & Standards people care?
  • PV Recycling and Sustainability – implications for designers and engineers
  • Energy storage system fire characterization and related technical developments
  • Advanced technology inverters progression and Rule 21, IEEE 1547, IEEE 1547.1
  • Developments in cyber security for renewable energy systems
  • PV Hazard Control (Rapid Shutdown) systems – research, the market and development of requirements