New Product Announcements

The sold out exhibit hall will feature a variety of solar products. Below are exhibiting companies that are displaying new products, or featuring updated product lines.


PowerHub helps simplify your asset management. Ensure to read our most recent article on Managing Complexity in the Northeast and book a meeting with the team to learn how PowerHub can manage your solar portfolio. Book a meeting.


APsystems showcases its advanced microinverter line at Solar Power Northeast with the new YC500i with EnergyMax™ power handling and integrated ground. EnergyMax™ technology allows the dual-module unit to produce 274 watts peak output per side (548W total), an almost 10 percent increase over conventional microinverters, to harvest the power of today’s high-output PV modules. The YC500i trunk cable cable connectivity offers installers an alternative to the daisy-chain design of APsystems popular YC500A microinverters – a solution for installers who favor trunk cable architecture as well as markets where regulatory bodies prefer an integrated ground.

Aurora Solar

Aurora is proud to announce a newly revamped feature, the AutoDesigner! The AutoDesigner considers thousands of variables including your components’ electrical characteristics, utility rates, shading conditions, and more to generate the best PV system design for you and your customer — in a fraction of the time. Consistent NEC-compliant, cost effective, and efficient PV systems allow you to eliminate change orders and standardize your design process. Whether you are an engineer creating line diagrams or a salesperson maximizing savings for your client, the AutoDesigner is here for you.

PrintEaton Corporation

Eaton Power Xpert 2,000-kilowatt (kW) and 2,200kW solar inverters and 2,500kW energy storage inverters provide high power ratings for grid-tied, utility-scale projects. The Eaton solar inverter technology yields lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and 98.5% efficiency by the California Energy Commission (CEC). Eaton’s Power Xpert solar inverters also enable a skid-less inverter station design to reduce equipment requirements and installation costs. Eaton Power Xpert energy storage inverters are designed to increase electrical resiliency in large-scale applications and work with a wide-range of battery chemistries to store and transmit power when needed. The inverter design also helps provide precise power ramp rate control and frequency regulation to enhance the reliability of electrical power transmission and distribution.

Everest_SolarSystems_logoEverest Solar Systems, LLC

Everest Solar Systems will display the new CrossRail Shared Rail: Fastest, most cost effective mounting solution. The CrossRail Shared Rail System uses fewer rail resulting in fewer roof attachments. This means you can save money on labor, material and reduce time on the roof. To simplify installation, our innovative Slide Bracket provides North/South adjustability for easy module alignment. In addition, our structural Rail Connectors allow you to safely and quickly preassemble rails on the ground.
For an aesthetically pleasing look, our Array Skirt and End Caps give the system a finished look that your customers will love!

folsom-labs-logoFolsom Labs

HelioScope by Folsom Labs will be showcasing their automatic bankable Shade Reports. Powered by the industry-leading HelioScope design & sales software program, the Shade Reports feature 3D renderings of the shaded array, a detailed heatmap of the shading by module, and a breakdown of the irradiance losses. These reports have already been accepted by a number of municipalities as remote shade tools to qualify for incentives. HelioScope will also be showcasing new 3D design capabilities, automatic single-line generation, and enhanced racking options for residential and commercial arrays.

Fronius USA

Fronius USA is proud to offer a bankable solution to the latest National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements of Rapid Shutdown function (NEC 690.12) on rooftop photovoltaic systems. The Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box ensures NEC 2014 code compliance while enhancing rooftop and firefighter safety, quality, reliability and the most seamless solution available on the market. With the Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box, Fronius offers a reliable and easy to install solution for all Fronius SnapINverters in systems up to 600 V.


Mounting Systems

Element rail-free racking system: Element is a revolutionary rail-free racking system designed for rapid and easier installation at a lower cost. Mounting Systems’ pre-assembled components and advanced design expedite the installation process while providing a durable and elegant solar system for pitched roofs.

20150410_polar-racking-logo-clear-backgroundPolar Racking

Polar Racking, an innovative leader in PV mounting solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of PRG – Grid Based Flat Roof Ballasted solution – the industry’s most economical, robust, and easy to install solution. Available in 5°, 10° and 15° tilt angles, PRG accommodates green zone clamping for 60 and 72 cell modules with integrated bonding. Its superior grid architecture makes it the lightest ballasted solution in the industry. Additionally, the use of slide-on clamps, self-alignment technology, minimal parts and fasteners, results in the quickest installation times and significant cost reductions.

RayTray Solar Wire Management

RayTray developed its modular conductor-management system to maximize wire protection and minimize construction cost in commercial low-slope rooftop solar projects. The Solar Wire Management System includes three nonmetallic rigid polyvinyl chloride (RPVC) polymer components (cap, tray and base) that have an F1 UV rating and require no grounding. The RayTray system is ETL listed to UL 870 for 1,000 Vdc PV installations. It is rated to hold up to thirty 10 AWG conductors and is listed for use with conductor sizes ranging from 12 AWG to 6 AWG.

Roof Tech, Inc.

Roof Tech’s compact and versatile rail-less PV mounting system, RT-[E] Mount® attaches to rafters or anywhere else on roof decking. Once panels are fastened, the array is electrically bonded. RT-[E] Mount comes complete with integrated flashing RT Butyl certified by the ICC. Options to choose such as cable holder bracket, L-Foot mounting and power electronics mounting bracket (E Mount AIR).
PE stamped structural certification letters for 35 States; UL 2703, Integrated Flashing Evaluation Report ICC ESR-3575 and static water pressure test ASTM 2140 certificate are available on our website.


The Helio Rail Family has a new member, SunModo is happy to introduce the HR150 open profile rail system. Using this open profile rail system you find the right solution to manage your PV cables. The HR150 PV cable management system maintains NEC compliance and eliminates the risk of using wire ties.
Cabling in PV installations is often organized using simple cable ties. These ties are highly susceptible to corrosions caused by weather conditions over time and require frequent maintenance and replacement. This is not the case with cable management options offered by the HR150.