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The Solar and Energy Storage Northeast Poster Presentations are an additional platform for energy leaders to showcase their expertise in a one-on-one or group setting. Take a break and venture to the Harbor Foyer to hear from the region's leading minds as they share their analysis, ideas, and recommended best practices to help bolster the solar and storage market in the northeastern U.S.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 19
TIME: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
WHERE: Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel | Harbor Foyer

Poster Presentation Schedule | Wednesday, February 19


Solar Power - The Sustainable Solution for Marine Propulsion
Chilukuri Maheshwar, Trainer, Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy

Solar Power - A Sustainable Solution for Cold Chain Challenges
Chilukuri Maheshwar, Trainer, Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy

The Top Technology Developments  Transforming Solar Design
Danny Hernandez, Business Development Representative, Aurora Solar

A Financial Algorithm for Computing the Levelized Cost (US$/MWh; €/MWh) of Storing Solar Electricity (LCOS) at a Grid Scale Energy Storage Plant (ESP)
Michael Stavy, Senior Advisor, Senior Advisor on Renewable Energy Finance

Spectral Solar Panel
Alexander Zhivich, Visiting Lecturer, Framingham State University

A Cloud- And Edge- Based System For Optimal Cleaning And Cooling Of Solar Panels
Mark Pastore, PlaySolar/EUS, Inc.

New England Solar Project Costs: Survey and Research on the Cost Differences between Project Types
Kate Daniel, Consultant, Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC

Aligning Host's and Developer's Goals in a Behind-the-Meter SMART Program Solar with Storage Bid World
Tom Michelman, Senior Director, Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC

Deciphering Degradation: Utilizing Irradiance Data to Assess Typical Solar Production Degradation in Massachusetts
Toby Armstrong, Analyst, Sustainable Energy Advantage

Mushroom-Inspired Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy Storage
Ertan Agar, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Lowell