Microgrid Workshop

Resiliency has received vigorous attention in the wake of recent storms in the Gulf region from Texas to Florida to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Microgrids can provide much needed resiliency to critical areas of the power grid while smartly interconnecting solar and battery technologies with end users.

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Modern grid operators are faced with demands to modernize the distribution system, integrate distributed energy resources (DERs), and manage physical and cyber threats to the grid -- all capabilities of microgrids. However, regulatory barriers, technology integration challenges, and other issues must be overcome for the microgrid market to reach its potential.

Learn from industry experts and researchers how microgrids can be robust tools for enhancing grid resiliency while simultaneous integrating and optimizing DERs. Sessions will cover technologies, use cases, business models, and rates and regulatory concerns. This workshop promises an interactive learning experience, so come prepared to share your experience and insights.

Workshop facilitated by the
Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)