Community Solar Workshop

Community solar has become a critical tool for bridging the gap between those who can and can’t access local, affordable, clean energy. Because community solar enables multiple customers to participate in a single solar project located in their community, and receive credits on their utility bill for their portion of the power produced, going solar becomes a possibility for those who may be otherwise constrained by the physical attributes of their home or business, like roof space, shading, or whether or not they own the property. As a result, community solar projects provide American homeowners, renters, and businesses access to the benefits of solar energy generation and can play a critical role in expanding access to solar energy to low-income households. Additionally, community solar programs are increasingly providing utilities with new ways to meet their customers’ demand for clean energy, while also fostering cooperation among utilities, solar industry partners, and other stakeholders.

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The goal of this one-day workshop is to share model program designs and decision tools that will make it easier for communities to reap the benefits of solar. Participants will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to determine the most suitable approach to developing and executing a successful community solar program, with a focus on key decision elements including geographic, resource, regulatory and financial parameters. Additionally, participants will gain first-hand knowledge from community solar program developers and administrators working in the trenches, who will share their experiences and insights.

Specific topics will include: buy versus build - understanding the benefits of working with developers; what to do about billing; siting your community solar project and understanding tax and securities issues.

Come and learn about the latest market trends and drivers in community solar program design!