Microgrid Workshop

Market Opportunities in the Evolving Microgrid Landscape

When: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET
Cost: $195 for members | $295 for non SEIA or SEPA members
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There’s much talk and increasing deployment of individual microgrids at various points throughout our increasing challenged and threatened power grid.  But the question for many remains, “how will my business potentially benefit from the microgrid landscape?”

Presented in partnership with the Emerge Alliance, this workshop will provide you with and insider’s view of just how these opportunities are shaping up in the Southeast from both the utility and open market perspective, and provide expert answers to the following key market questions:

  • How will mesh-networked microgrids provide for exponential value creation for electric products and services in the expanded distributed energy marketplace?
  • What categories of products and services stand to see the greatest future growth?
  • What are some of the business models possible for everyone - from giant utilities to regional product and service providers?
  • What’s helping and/or hurting the realization of this potential, and what do these thought leaders see as the path forward?

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Workshop facilitated by EMerge Alliance